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I am a mother of five and I have enjoyed working with candle making my whole life and enjoy scented products, I really wanted better quality products for myself and my family.

I have only used soap that I make for the last 20 years and I spent about 10 years developing a solutions that works wonderfully. It is honestly like having a complete facial with the use of one bar of soap. You can also enjoy nick free shaving. Saves a lot on expensive razors. I use cheap disposable razors.

Through studying  herbs and their properties I learned about how to get exactly what you need out of them. I found that soap making was once a great craft and that there is so much benefit you can add to a bar of soap, but it is a craft that the modern world abandoned quite some time ago.

Your skin being a permeable organ and a much exposed to the elements part of your body. It really needs a lot of nourishment, care and protection to achieve the best results. Also your body will also benefit from the properties that are absorbed through your skin.

I also spent alot of time learning the chemistry in candle making. The candles I make are my own special blend, they are smokeless and release less carcinogens then commercial ones, yes they burn longer. Or maybe they are not designed to burn up quickly and they burn evenly releasing wonderful fragrances into the air.

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