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1 Med. Muslin Aroma Theropy Tea Bag/Sachet


This is for 1 Medium size specially blended aroma theropy bath tea bag. See choices in pull down menu below. It comes in a muslin drawstring bag and is specially designed to offer benefits such as to relax, rejuvinate, make you sleepy or aid in healing small cuts and scrapes more quickly. It measues about 3 1/2"x2 1/2" and contains 3 Tbsp of bath tea. Place in hot bath 15 minutes before you take your bath for best results.

Sleepy Time Bath Tea/Sachette:   Is blended to lull you into a sleepy mood can help aid in insomnia. Great to use for infants and kids. Best to remove the tea bag before bathing kids.

*Can also be placed under pillow for help with insomnia. Not recommnded to be placed in or around small children, may pose a choking hazard.

Rejuvenate Bath Tea/Sachette: Will help wake you up and be ready for your day.

* Can be hung in closet or drawer with work clothes to help you feel more energized at work.

Healing Bath Tea/Sachette: Blended to give more healing properties to bath water. Works great when combined with bath salts. Great for kids that get scraped up a lot or to help bug bites heal faster, etc.

Softening Bath Tea/Sachette: Has properties to help soften and heal dry the skin. Great for anyone with skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema, psorises, etc.....

Scentsational Bath Tea/Sachete: Our signature blend of bath tea with the most complete varriety of ingredients to help in all areas of skin and body nurishment. Along with a pleasent scent of the blended herbs and spices. We add this tea to our basket that are given to chemo patients.

Relaxation Bath Tea/Sachette: Blended to offer a nice relation sensation with out necessarily lulling you off to sleep. Great to help relieve stress and tentions from a stressful job or situation.

We use only natural ingredients, herbs and spices in all our bath teas. We use only our own recipes which we have designed over the years to offer the most optimal results for the areas of need. Bath teas are a great way to add extra nurishment and anti oxidents to your bosy inside and out. As in a warm bath water soak many of the properties from these herbs and spices are absorbs into the skin. We also reccomend using with Bath Salts.

Any of these can be used in drawers, closets and other small storage places as a sachette to freshen clothes, linens and other items.

Can easily be added to any gift basket order.

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