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1 Lg Blueberry Tart Wax Tart Melt with Pan


This is for 1 large Blueberry Tart wax melt. Can be used as a tart melt or as a leave out display in the provided tin pan.

This is a bakery style/look wax tart melt it is made with 3 differnt wax types and scents. The base is made with a Vanilla Scented light brown wax, the center is a whipped Creme Scented white wax and it is topped off with blueberry scented blueberries that are colored dark blue. When melted in a tart melter is smells alot like a blueberry tart or blueberry pie as the scents blend together as melting.

This item comes with the black iron like tart pan and is shrink wrapped.

*The tin pan is included for display purposes only. Do not burn or melt the tarts in the pan, it is not designed for high heats and safty can not be assured.


Below you will find the Scent/Color choices in the drop down menu. If you do not see the scent you want, just write in on order.

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