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Here at Home Scentsations we support a great many of charities in our lives and from our sales in our business. We set aside 10% of our product total collected to donate to charities at the end of the year.

In our category descriptions you will see notes if the portions goes to a specific charity for those items sold in that category.  If you do not see one listed it does not mean there is no contribution made, it is just not specifically designated. 

We support the community in which we live in many ways. With our time, product donations, donations, fund raisers and contributions. Below you will see a list of the charities we contribute to and at the end of the year we will publish our efforts here. 

Help Us to Help Others 

Here are some ways you can directly help us to help others. We will match all these donations 100% in production of our products reaching others in need. Please be assured all monies collected for these specific causes will go directly to those causes as defined below.To be a part of our outreach programs to bring specific products to meet specific needs use the following links:



Soap For Hope

For every $1.00 donated we will match with the materials to create one 2 oz. bar of Soap to be given to the Red Cross to be used in disaster situations where sanitary conditions are weakened and disease can become a threat. Our bar Soap provides extra disenfecting and anti bacterial properties and can help in situations such as floods or where infection to injuries is a danger/risk.

USD $1.00


Baskets Not Caskets

For every $5.00 donated we will match with the materials to create 1 med. bath basket to be given to Patients receiving Chemo Therapy at Hospital's Cancer Centers. We have developed Soaps, Bath Salts and Bath Teas that can help lessen the effects of Chemo Therapy by adding properties and anti oxidants that help build the blood up in the taxing process of Chemo Therapy. We make no claims of curing any kinds of cancers. We also in no way discourage people from seeking and being under a doctors care and guidance.

USD $5.00


Our Dream

You can donate here to help us to realize our dream of obtaining a real brick and mortar store to better offer and manufacture our products to our community. Any and all donations will go 100% to our cause and will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping us to help others.

USD any amount


Other ways we contribute is through these programs in which we sponsor and contribute our time and resources to:

10 Years Volunteer work for The Boy Scouts of America while sons participated in program. Assistant Scout Master, Scouting for food, Friends of Scouting and other contributions.

Girl Scouts of America: Love those cookies :)

Local sports and community programs with the schools and centers in our town for the youth.

15 years of gift donations for the Local Elementary School for Apple Fest celebration and for the Holiday Shop for kids to buy family gifts for the holidays. Participating in school fund raisers and other contributions.

20 years of Good Will donations. About $200.00 in clothes per year.

Town effort donation day for the local SPCA. One class from our elementary school will collect donations and walk to the SPCA one day to give their donations, our family helped organize the first one and they have done this since, about 10 years.

Gift Basket donations for cancer patients undergoing chemo therapy.

Crochet baby blankets for DHMC premature babies. My 4th son was born premature at DHMC. A miracle in the works in my 10 year old son, due in part to DHMC.

Contributions to the following organizations in the past:

Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America,  Make a Wish Foundation, March of Dimes, Jerry's Kids, Breast Cancer Awareness, American Heart Association, Local Sports programs, American Veteran's Fund, Disabled American Veteran's Fund, Local SPCA, Katrina Victims,etc.....


List of Charities to receive 10% of products sold for 2010 

1) Scent-Of-The-Month Club: 10% of product total to: Make a Wish Foundation.

2) Bath Gift Baskets: 10% of product total to go to: Cancer Patients undergoing Chemo Therapy.

3) Other Gift Baskets: 10% of product total to go to Hospice center at the local hospital.

4) Hot/Cold Pack Sales: 10% of product total to go to local youth sports at the schools and center.

5)Anything Pink: 10% of product total will go to support Breast Cancer Research and awareness.

6)Anything Yellow: 10% of product total will go to support our troops and families.

7)Candle Sales: 10% of product total to go to: DHMC and their David House for families of Premature children and for Research and Programs relating to premature infants.

8)For every bar of soap sold, one bar will be donated to the Red Cross for relief efforts in disasterious areas, right now for suvivors or the Haiti Quake 2010. The bars are antibacterial, anti fungal and anticeptic, I believe would be very beneficials for those involved with crisises.

 Product donations will continue to be made to Local Schools and Hospitals.

 Some take the High Road while others take the Low Road but only a few choose to be that Road in which others may go.

....Me 2012


God Bless!

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