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Research and Development

Our product have been being continually developed here over the last 20 years. We have continually researched herbs and properties to find ways to create the best products, solving some of the most pending  issues regarding skin and better health through using herbal products and aroma therapy.

Our Soap Products are made with our own recipe that has been worked on over the last 20 years. Twenty years has bought about a lot of improvements in the performance of our soaps.

 It is just soap right? It is not just soap. Here we have created a way to maximize the soaps performance to give you everything you need for your skin in one daily washing. Our basic soap recipe is designed to take on: Acne, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, , Aging, etc. All while it cleanses and deodorizes with anti fungal and anti bacterial properties and will continue to protect your skin in between washing, it is also great for nick-free shaving using cheap razors. Essentially you can give yourself a complete facial with one wash of our soap.

All our ingredients are essentially edible and include many important properties that are quite beneficial to over all good health, like anti oxidants, blood boosters, etc..Being that what goes on our skin also goes in our bodies. The combined scent of the herbs and spices also contribute to an over all feeling of well being. 

If something is good for your face, why not use it on your whole body each day. With use you may decide this one bar of soap was able to replace many items you once used to cleanse, moisturize, soften, shave, treat acne and many other ailments. You will only wonder why every other soap is just not the same. I have not used a commercial soap brand since I began making soaps 20 years ago. Being in my late 40's often thought of as in my 20's. 

 UPDATE:  Paper Doll Test Results. We did the paper doll test, as seen on commercials and our results were; the paper was not only not weakened it was stronger more resilient to punctures and tares. It took on a kind of waxed paper look, but was much tougher.

 Our Bath Teas are made with a combination of herbs and spices that are carefully measured out for optimum performance of the herbs and spices used. Bath teas are great for skin softening, but they are also soothing and depending on the blend can give aid to specific ailments. Because our skin is permeable it can absorb the properties of the herbs and spices allowing them to aid your bodies defenses, as well as the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Our Scentsational Tea blend was designed for maximum full body health. It is made with specially selected  herbs and spices to help aid with those facing chemo therapy. As it will help add to your body what chemo takes out along with being chalk full of anti oxidants and special immune boosters.

This in no way makes any claims of curing cancer or even relieving all symptoms suffered by those with cancer or in chemo therapy. Results and success can very from person to person. Never should the guidance and help from a professional caregiver be substituted with any kind of herbal therapy. In under a care of physician or on prescription medications, you should always make known to them what herbs are being taken and in what forms. There are times when drug interactions may be a risk.

Our other tea blends are designed to help in the manner of which they are labeled. Some can revitalize and energize you while other will sooth and relax you. Bath teas are a great form of aromatherapy and can often aid with many ailments.

Our Candles are made with wax blend that will produce high quality candles with maximum scent yields and slower burn rates. We also use top grade ingredients to produce candles that release less carcinogens then our competitors. 

We have worked with our wax blends through trial and error as well as doing the research on candle making and doing math calculations to produce the candles we produce here at Home Scentsations. Always using the best quality of ingredients that are available to us.

Our Promise is one of commitment to quality through the years with out fail. We here have been happy with our product line through out the years and we believe that we only have valuable customers to gain in our business.

Please remember things are not done here in factory or on a production line and you will find some imperfection, inconsistencies and  some flaws. We guarantee we will serve each of our customers to the best of our abilities with the best quality we can offer.


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