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Wednesday September 3, 2014

Awesome Potato Soup 

 By Rayann Greene

Serves 6-12 

4-8 Potatoes (Use diff. or same)
* 1 or 2 Cups Chopped Onion (Different types are good)
*1 or 2 Stalks Celery Chopped
* 1 or 2 Shallots Chopped
*1 or 2 Cups Chopped asparagus Stems
*1 or 2 Cups leeks (young) or 1 pkg. knorr potato leek soup mix
* 1 or 2 Cups Green Onion Chopped
1 stick of butter or 1/2 cup bacon grease or 1/2 olive oil
- 1/2 or 1 cup instant mashed potato flakes
+ 1 quart half & half or milk
***Optional Add ins: Bacon, Ham, Cheddar or broccoli

In large dutch oven or stock pot add: butter, oil or grease, once heated add all * items (if using leek Mix DO NOT ADD).  Cook till clear. Add Potatoes, cook till slightly seared. 

Add Liquids half & half or milk add water to cover veggies. add soup mix if using that.

Cook till potatoes are tender. Take out 2 cups of mixture (be sure to get a good mix of veggies and some liquids and potatoes) Blend or puree add back to pot, add add ins, simmer till it has a good bouquet add instant mashed potatoes to choice consistency, once well blended serve. Serves 4 to 8.

Can easily be saved and reheated for snacks and lunches.

Our Plug

To help Save Money in this ecconomy hear are some ways our Scentsational Products can help you and help you to continue to live a full filled life.

#1 Scentsational Bar Soap Our soap is specially designed with special herbs, spices, clays,oils and natural waxes, we use the best quality natural ingredients in all our products. The combinations we have designed has been a family recipe 20+ years in the making.

We make no medical claims on our Bar Soap, we can say that the use of this soap can help reduce and minimize some skin ailments and conditions such as: Fungi's, eczema, psoriosis, dry skin, oily skin, infection, acne and rochea.

A single bar Of our Scentsational Bar Soap 2 oz. $3.00 to 4 oz. $5.00 will fight Acne, Moisturize, exfoliate, protect & disinfect your skin all while adding anti fungal, anti bacterial and antioxidant properties. It will fight acne and many other skin ailments, provide a knick free close shave (even with a low cost bic razor), offer your skin protection and moisturizing properties.

Here is a list of what I replaced with one bar of soap:

Forget the complete department store facial products Retail Value about: $50.00+ per month

Forget the expensive high end razors Retail Value about: $20.00 per month

Forget the acne treatment & astringent Retail Value about: $10.00 per month

Forget Shaving Cream Retail Value about: $5.00 per month

Forget the Body Lotion Retail Value about: $5.00 per month

Forget the Loofa and/or Pumice Stone Retail Value about $10.00 per year

Forget the Anti Fungal Creams Retail Value about: 10.00 per year

Choose your favorite scent

and forget the Body Spray Retail Value about: $6.00+ per month.

You may or may not use any or all of these, by seeing what the Bar Soap can replace you can get the idea of the savings and how quickly that can add up.

My teens have valued this soap during their teen years. I myself suffer from eczema, dry elbows and psoriosis and find it keep my symptoms way down and often completely gone. Dr's say "What do you do to your skin?"

One 2 oz. Bar $3.00 will last 1 to 2 people about 1 week with daily use. If you buy 4 bars a month that is $12.00 per month. It is more then regular soap, but if it replaces $120.00+ in products, you save over $100.00 per month. Plus a lot of run time at the store for things you'd rather not have to buy. I highly recommend using with a Bath Scrunchie $2.00, replace or bleach once a month. Also we recommend you to allow soap to dry out between uses for longer lasting soap, use a soap dish and do not leave in standing water.

#2 Lavender Sachettes Our Med. Muslin Lavender Sachettes for $2.00  are great to use in drawers, storage containers and other small spaces you store your clothes. They can last for several months and will make your stored clothes smell clean and fresh and well like lavender. It can replace using fragrances and forgo the embarrasement of sending a person off into an allergic reaction to your scent. Natural Lavender does not usually produce an allergic reaction and is a highly effective well being scent for both men and women. Lavender is one of 2 scents, the other being Sandlewood, that is well liked and excepted by both men and women. It also has relaxing anti stresss properties. It layers very well over any of our Scentsational Scented Bath Soaps.

#3 Smelly Jelly 5 Year Air Freshener  So you can use one for upto 5 years. Did I mention 1 for 5 years? All you have to do is refresh (refill) with distilled water ( about $1.00 a Gallon.). It is recommended to use 1 per room, small ones are good for bedrooms and small areas Large ones are good for Kitchens and Baths. Small 4 oz. Smelly Jelly with Vented Lid is $10.00 and Large 8 oz. Smelly Jelly wiht Vented Lid is $15.00. If you have 10 rooms that's $100.00 to $150.00. That's for 5 years. That's 20 per year. I once used an electric type and spent $10.00 per month. That is a $90.00 per year savings at that. I do not have 10 rooms, maybe you do.

 Those are my plugs for Our products that can save you money. I like saving Money.

Below you may find some fun stuff.


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